What the club offers


The modern sophisticated atmosphere of the Club is perfect to organise special and unique events and cerimonies.

Parties at the Sporting Club Monza, the most exclusive events.
Villa Tagliabue is an exclusive location which hosts the Club's headquarters and is perfect to give life to special and unique events reserved for Members and, very often, to their Guests. They go from Gala dinners to Disco Club  

Well-organised events
While organising these events, everything is studied in detail by the staff. Depending on whether it is a Gala Dinner, organized to celebrate a special moment, or a musical evening, the Sporting Club Monza team always works hard to keep things running perfectly.

Gala Dinners
A Gala Dinner, an elegant event par excellence, is usually organised to celebrate a very important occasion, or to welcome leading figures from the worlds of culture, politics, art and entrepreneurship. Gala Dinners provide Members and guests with the best occasions of meeting with the finest in gourmet cuisine. This kind of events are always very popular and successful..

Themed dinners
Themed dinners are a fixture at Sporting Club. We organise these meetings with artists, journalists, scientists, scholars, professors and specialists, all prominent personalities of the Italian cultural environment. Both women and men who want to talk to a very interested audience.


Parties at the Sporting Club Monza, Themed Social dinners
The themed Social Dinners organised at Sporting Club are always very popular and successful. They obviously involve all the members and are inspired by different themes. These are informal evenings: dinners focused on conversation and moments of sharing between Members. Usually a pleasant live music is offered. A special price for the Member's Menu is previously agreed and in some cases, even Guests are allowed to participate. The formula adopted by the Sporting Club also allows members who do not participate at the dinner to join the evening by giving them the possibility to book a table after dinner. During these events photos and videos may be made by selected professionals.


Dance evenings
The Sporting Club Monza Dance Evenings are very appreciated and usually preceded by a dinner. These are opportunities to meet and share moments for all Members, during which the exciting live music invites the participants to dance and have fun. Even in this case the participation of external Guests is possible, unless otherwise stated.

Disco Club
Our Disco Club is perfect for those who love to dance  the latest hits or the best evergreens. Special events with DJ set, which can attract the youngest and all those who love to dance to the rhythm of music, surrounded by the sophisticated and safe atmospheres of the Sporting Club Monza.


Last, but not least, the Moto Club Felice Benasedo. The motorcycle enthusiasts registered at Sporting Club Monza have the right to join this group's activities. Sporting Club Monza organises trips on motorcycle itineraries, visits to the most suggestive beautiful Italian places at the beach, in the mountains. Many km of friendship riding your beloved motorbike.



The Social trips are aimed at taking Members around Italy to discover the art and the culture of our beautiful country. They are usually thematic, therefore to a locality or region, to discover a specific historical or artistic style.


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