What the club offers


The garden of Sporting Club Monza: a green area well maintained which becomes the most appreciated place by the Members, in summer time. An authentic oasis of peace, when the heat of the city is very suffocating.

The garden of the Sporting club Monza
The seat of the Sporting Club Monza, a prestigious Villa which dates back to the 30s, is located in a beautiful park well taken care by the passion of its gardeners.
An amazing area which hosts all the sports facilities and a wide car park, available for the Members. The pool, shaped like two intertwined hearts, the tennis courts, the beach volley and the bowls courts are crucial points of reference for guests during summer.
At lunch and dinner time, the tables of the restaurant are definitely the first choice by all  those who want to spend their free time at the club.


By the pool
During summer, the large lawn around the pool, with areas in the sun and shaded areas, sun beds and gazebos  allows our Members to find a suitable accommodation. There is also a special chiringuito to taste fresh cocktails or soft drinks to cool off when the temperatures begin to rise. All this is available to meet the Members' and their Guests needs, who always come in large numbers, especially at the end of the day, to refresh themselves with a swim at the pool. The pool of the Sporting is actually set in the garden and is an authentic oasis of peace, when the heat of the city is very suffocating.

Tennis, bowls and beach volley
All the sports facilities available to our Members are set in the beautiful garden of the Club. The tennis courts, which are outdoor during summer, host matches and tournaments until late at night. The indoor bowls alley becomes a true meeting point able to make  young and old have fun all together. The beach volleyball sand-court is always scene of  very fun challenges.

The garden of the Sporting Club Monza: cocktails, lunches and dinners
The large garden is also the best location for the cocktail parties set for  private or corporate events in the prestigious Club seat, taking advantage of the excellent restaurant service. In a quiet atmosphere, every outdoor party, in the summer, is elegant and sophisticated. It is possible to set up aperitifs and buffets, lunches and dinners under the gazebo and by the pool. Finally, every day during the summer, the restaurant offers seasonal menus which, served outdoors.

The Summer Camp
From June onwards, happy groups of kids with their educators animate the park. The beautiful garden of the Club is actually  the favourite space for all young people who attend the Summer Camp, the special service which offers the best time of leisure, sports and educational activities during school holidays.