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Corporate events are always welcomed at Sporting Club Monza. Villa Tagliabue, an amazing location placed in one of the most prestigious areas of the city, in Viale Brianza, offers everything professionals and corporates need to organise meetings, where the watchword is definitely flexibility.

Corporate events and Sporting Club Monza: make it happen
Everything is possible at the Sporting Club Monza, thanks to the professionalism of its staff. The chef, the kitchen brigade, the restaurant staff and all the Sporting consultants every day available to companies, are professionally qualified and ready to support managers in their choices. Thanks a long experience they will be able to propose different customised and effective solutions to meet any possible need

Conferences, meetings and much more
The Sporting Club Monza offers several spaces and services that can be involved for all kinds of event: dinners, conventions, conferences, meetings, concerts. The Villa provides a green and carefully-tended park (in summertime) and large spaces where it is possible to set up amazing events, able to meet all type of need.

Two floors, a pavilion, four rooms
The large and elegant villa, when necessary, is fully available to Members and any other customer. Its large indoor and outdoor spaces can be equipped with all the technology needed for the success of any event. A detailed program will be planned in collaboration with the Club staff. There are two plans available and usable, in whole or in part as needed. A Ballroom and the Restaurant Pavilion are located on the ground floor. On the first floor instead there are three other smaller rooms, perfect to organize work groups and differentiated conferences. Sala Verde, Baj Room and ex-Council Room allow for any possible event or meeting

Corporate events at Sporting Club Monza: coffee breaks, cocktails, dinner and lunch
Each event organized within the spaces of the Sporting Club involves the bar and restaurant services. Even in this case coffee breaks, cocktails served in the garden and the various menus can be customised, being sure that the chef and his staff will always give their best, making sure everything is perfect.


Floor plant


Size of the room: 420 mq
Maximum capacity: 250 people
The irregular structure of the room makes it perfect for any type of event, both private and corporate. It is ideal for dinners, receptions, conventions and conferences.
The external side has a large window overlooking the splendid garden in front of the Villa, perfect to organise events, such as cocktails and refreshments.
The room is equipped with a screen (4x3mt), a projector (3500 AL) and an audio system with different types of microphone.


Size of the room: 240 mq
Maximum capacity: 100 people
Circular bow window overlooking the pool 


Floor plant

Sala Verde

Size of the room: 76 mq
Maximum capacity: 40 people
L-shaped room perfect for meetings and conferences with theatre-style chairs.
Perfect for small events
The room is equipped with a screen, a projector and microphones.

Sala Baj

Size of the room: 240 mq
Maximum capacity: 25 people
Perfect for smaller meetings with theatre-style chairs or a single table (for up to 15 people) and very small events
The room features a large terrace suitable for refreshments and coffee breaks.
In the room you can place a projector and a portable screen.

Former Council room

Maximum capacity: 10 people
Small room ideal for smaller or one-to-one meetings


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