The Club

Within walking distance from the Villa Reale of Monza, in the heart of Brianza, and a few km from Milan, you can find our Sporting Club Monza, an amazing 22.000 square meters green oasis.
Old trees and green flowerbeds frame the Villa, a 1920s building with a typical English country house style. The external monumentality of a prestigious luxury villa perfectly complements a more domestic indoor dimension, stylish but also intimate and comfortable.

The villa's environments are perfect for both leisure activities and business events: conference and meeting rooms, indoor and outdoor bar, billiard room, children's area, TV lounge, a large hall for parties and events
All rooms meet any technological need and the whole structure is equipped with WiFi network

The Sporting Club Monza provide sports lovers with two tennis courts and two gyms. A sauna is available in the winter season

The 30 m heated outdoor pool, available in summer, is definitely the flagship of the club. An amazing place ideal for cooling on a warm humid afternoon or relaxing on a early evening
The restaurant is located in a beautiful round terrace by the pool, with 80 seats and a different selection of menu available weekly, which features simple and delicate dishes, made with top quality products only.
During the year, important cultural, musical social events and big parties are planned to enrich our members' experience

The club has a large private parking for members only.


Sporting Club Monza was born on a winter day in 1966, under an act issued by the notary Antonio Mascheroni, and registered in Desio on February 3, of the same year.
The founding members were 30, with 5 trustee and 18 councillors elected during the first Assembly. It was an immediate success. In April, in fact, the club counted up to 99 members and since then the registrations have never stopped
The history of the club's headquarter and facilities dates back long ago. 

The amazing head office is located in Villa Tagliabue, which takes its name from its owner who, after having purchased it in the early 30s, deeply modified the building up to its present state
Ettore Tagliabue was a wealthy oilman who, after the end of the Second World War, turned his beautiful home located in Monza into a brilliant national and international point of reference. In September 1954, the Villa hosted Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, husband of Queen Elizabeth.

Ettore Tagliabue, with the will to fulfil the desire of his partner, the famous soubrette Elena Giusti, built the most striking architectural component of the entire villa: the pool.
The famous swimming pool shaped like two entwined hearts, thus replaced the previous rectangular pool and hosted its commissioner and the most famous women of that period, such as Ljuba Rosa (Ljiuba Rizzoli), the diva from the "aquatic musicals" Ester Williams and the amazing Ava Gardner. A great deal of Italian celebrities were regular guests of Villa Tagliabue: Walter Chiari, Gino Bramieri, Carlo Dapporto, Macario, the actress Lea Padovani. This was a clear sign of continuity with the social life of the Club, animated by parties and shows hosted by renowned artists, still relevant today.


To join the Club as a fellow member it is necessary to fill and sign an application form addressed to the Board of Directors
The application must also be undersigned by three fellow members, two of which registered for more than three years
It will be dealt by the Board of Directors, which will deliberate, within 45 days from the date of application. Before the approval, the application will be displayed for 15 days, in the Club Register, thereby allowing for any possible comments. Any member may therefore oppose the acceptance of the application by communicating, by means of a registered letter to the Board of Directors, all the detailed reasons for such opposition
The Board doesn't actually have to justify the non-acceptance of the application. Voting will be performed by secret ballot and the application is deemed to have been accepted when four out of five voters are favourable: the outcomes of the deliberations will be communicated to the interested party, directly by the Board. 
The spouse or other cohabiting persons and / or linked by family relationships indicated by the member are admitted to attend the Club and to use its related services.
In the application, the applicant must declare to have read and approved the Articles of Association and the internal regulations in force, to undertake the payment of the fee established by the Board for the current year and also in the years to come, without prejudice to possible changes of the quota deliberated by the validly constituted Social Bodies.

The applicant shall note that:

1)    the inclusion in the Members Register will make him a Fellow Member;
2)    the minimum period of membership with the Club will last one year from January 1 of the year following the acceptance (art. 7 Articles of Association)
3)    the registration is tacitly renewed from year to year in the absence of withdrawal communicated to the President by registered letter no later than 30 June (art. 7 Articles of Association);
4)    the Board of Directors is not required to justify the non-acceptance of this application nor its acceptance.

There are other categories of Membership; for more information please contact the Sporting Club's Secretary Office.